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July 16, 2015

Howard Eskin apologizes for calling Caitlyn Jenner a 'freak show'

Sports-radio-gasbag-turned-Burger-King-mascot Howard Eskin, more known for his uncanny ability to hang up on those who dare disagree with him than his news-gathering prowess, should probably give up on Twitter.

Late Wednesday night -- and into early Thursday morning -- Eskin felt it necessary to share his thoughts on Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner being honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs. As expected, his views on societal issues are equally as narrow-minded as his views on sports.

The worst in his series of offensive tweets was deleted, but thanks to modern technology -- something Eskin is still struggling to grasp apparently -- it was captured as a screen grab and later used against Eskin when he tried backtracking.

Now, as has become the custom for those who feel the need to spew this kind of bile on Twitter, Eskin has apologized, calling the tweets "offensive and inexcusable."

He felt so bad that he couldn't even bother to spell "Caitlyn" properly. I'm half expecting him to use that as the reason he continually called her Bruce during his rant last night.

Is anyone buying this as an actual apology? He felt more than comfortable sharing these views last night, even after deleting one of the tweets (see above), Eskin still decided it was appropriate to send out an edited version. Then 12 hours later, in the light of day, he decides to apologize, one that comes of as insincere, forced, or both.

And it's not like this is the first time for Eskin.

In January, he felt the need to share his thoughts on what the women reporters were wearing at Super Bowl Media day:

Previously, he weighed in on the Ray Rice domestic violence case:

Whoops. The spelling got him again...

And that's just on Twitter in the last year and doesn't include any of the actual "reporting" of opining that he's done. Remember the hot start he got off to in 2013? Of course not, because he got nearly every story woefully wrong.

What about the time he reported that David Montgomery's was a "convenient excuse" for the Phillies to push him out of the front office? Or the time he and Jonathan Papelbon had to be separated in the clubhouse? Or the time he prematurely reported the death of Jim Fregosi? Or the time he said Erin Andrews should "thank the guy" that taped her nude while changing?

How about next time, Howard, you take some of that advice you were so willing to dish out to your callers over the years and just shut up? That way you can avoid making an ass out of yourself...again.