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September 07, 2016

Can Doug Pederson avoid the curse of botched Eagles press conferences?

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The Eagles haven’t captured the ultimate prize, but as an organization, they do a lot of things well over at the NovaCare Complex. Still, it’s hard not to notice that the Birds’ press conference game has slipped up over the past 12 months.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. First, there was the time the backdrop almost fell on DeMarco Murray:

Later in the season, right after Washington clinched the NFC East in Philly, the lights went out on Chip Kelly:

And then today, while Doug Pederson was fielding questions about Carson Wentz and Eric Rowe, the fire alarm went off (video via our friends at the great Birds 24/7):

“I got a button right here,” Pederson cracked, pointing to his podium.

While the coach handled the situation well, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that in the case of both Murray and Kelly, the botched press conference happened a few days before something bad happened to them individually.

That Sunday afternoon, Murray was visibly frustrated while only managing an unfathomable two yards on 13 carries against the Dallas team he had just bolted in free agency. That was a piece of cake compared to what happened to Kelly, who was unceremoniously fired by the Eagles a few days after the lights went out with one game left to play in the season.

I don’t know if Pederson is a believer in the rule of three, but you should probably keep your head on a swivel just to be safe, Doug.

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