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January 02, 2018

Carson Wentz fends off criticism of dead geese in Twitter photo

It's probably not often that an outdoorsy person like Carson Wentz ends up with cabin fever. Tearing an ACL is one of the few setbacks that seems likely to make the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback stir crazy.

Apart from his skills on the football field, Wentz is well-known for two other interests: Christianity and hunting.

Anyone who has paid attention to Wentz's social media accounts knows he has no qualms posting what might be considered graphic hunting photos and videos. Last year, he shared a video of himself shooting and killing a deer in his home state of North Dakota. He also purchased shotguns for all of his offensive linemen.

On New Years Day, we learned that Wentz is not about to apologize for his hunting enthusiasm on Twitter.

The minor controversy began with Wentz tweeting a tribute to his hunting dog, with photos of his wild game. 

Not long after the tweet, a follower chimed in to suggest that Wentz's photo might be distasteful. 

The usually agreeable Wentz took exception to the idea his legal, recreational pursuit should be self-censored in order to avoid offending fans who object to hunting. 

Others later added their voices to the debate over whether Wentz was out of line to post the photo. 

This isn't the first time Wentz found himself in an online battle over values. In October, days after the deadly shooting massacre in Las Vegas, Wentz suggested on Twitter that the world wouldn't be so plagued by violence if faith in Jesus were more universal. 

Judging by the injured quarterback's response, he has no plans to dial back his social media identity, even as he becomes an NFL superstar under a bigger microscope.