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October 03, 2017

Colin Cowherd calls Philadelphia the 'dumbest sports city in America'

Look, I'm not going to give a whole lot of time to this bad take, because that's exactly what FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd wants the Philadelphia media to do. I'm just going to lay this hot pile of dog poo here, point out some of the obvious flaws in his argument and let you guys do the rest. 

That OK?

On his very dumb radio show Tuesday, Cowherd called Philadelphia the "dumbest sports city in America" because we allegedly ran former Eagles head coach Andy Reid out of town. He cited Reid's success with both Philly and the Chiefs as reason for us all being idiots for chasing him out of the city with torches and pitchforks, apparently. 

You can watch his rant below:

First off, in no way is that true. Not only did Eagles fans not "run" him out of town, but...

Was Reid successful in Philadelphia? Yes, he was. But at the time he and the Eagles parted ways, Philly was coming off two straight seasons out of the playoffs, and before that, two straight first-round playoff exits. He had spent 14 seasons with the Birds, an unusually long amount of time for any coach to stick with one team, no matter their success.

On top of all that, there was legitimate debate among the fan base as to whether Reid should stay or go. And we've definitely shown our appreciation for how much success he brought the Eagles in years since. 

And it's very, very easy to act like Reid is infallible now that his talented Chiefs squad is the only unbeaten team left in the NFL after just four games, while ignoring the very legitimate gripes with Big Red: poor clock management, getting out-coached in crunch time, playoff flops after dominant regular seasons, etc.

Oh, and that whole Terry Francona bull? His manager job with the Phillies was his first gig as head skipper. Yeah, it's easy to call him the "best manager in baseball" now after joining a stacked Red Sox team on the cusp of a historic run for the franchise. Man, I guess by that same logic, you could say Cleveland is the dumbest sports city in America for not realizing Charlie Manuel's talent before he led the Phillies to the team's best run in franchise history.

One more thing: Going back to Reid, let's see how Cowherd felt about the guy chosen to replace him:

Now look at all this time I spent dissecting his bad take, just like I said he wants us to do. I guess he wins in the end.

Frig off, Colin.

UPDATE: The Eagles have responded.