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December 18, 2017

Comedian Josh Gondelman peeves Larry David with 'Modern Seinfeld' Tweets

The 'Last Week Tonight' writer has put his Tweets on hold after a less than warm reception from the makers of 'Seinfeld'

If “Seinfeld” were resurrected ala “Will and Grace,” perhaps Josh Gondelman would have a crack at crafting scripts. 

The “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” writer/stand-up comic has scored some acclaim for creating contemporary “Seinfeld” concepts via Twitter with his “Modern Seinfeld” account. He and fellow writer, Jack Moore, succinctly detail "Seinfeld" episodes in 140 characters or less.

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Here’s one of the “Modern Seinfeld” Tweets:

“It’s such a testament to how strong the characters are that it still works in the present day,” Gondelman said while calling from Los Angeles. 

“I wonder what Elaine Benes would think about Snapchat.”

However, Gondelman and Moore have taken a hiatus from their creativity inspired by "Seinfeld." The last Tweet posted was in the fall of 2015. 

“Our 'Seinfeld' Twitter might be done,” Gondelman said. 

“We never rule it out, but Jack is busy and I’ve been busy as well.”

Gondelman, 32, is working full-time, plus as a writer on Oliver’s show. The rest of his schedule is devoted to stand-up, which brought him to Helium Comedy Club in town last night. 

“I do my dates when my schedule allows,” Gondelman said. “When I’m off, I constantly work out material at New York clubs.”

Gondelman’s humor reflects his manner. The Boston native is a mellow humorist. 

“What I bring to the table as a comedian is friendliness,” Gondelman says. “My comedy is cozy. I’m not a screamer. I calmly bring you into my world.”

President Donald Trump is always a hot topic for “Last Week” material, but Gondelman prefers to focus elsewhere. 

“There’s just so much Trump,” he said. “But it’s what’s happening now.”

The Brooklyn resident is working on a comedic book, Stories of Best Intentions with Mixed Results.

“I love to write,” Gondelman said. “I’m making progress with this book.”

But Gondelman admits that if "Seinfeld" co-creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David were to revive their classic show, he would be all in. 

“Oh my gosh, it would be such a thrill to be part of one of the greatest shows of all time,” Gondelman gushed. 

“If I wrote for 'Seinfeld,' I would have them texting constantly even though they are in close contact with each other.”

But don’t bet on a new chapter for "Seinfeld." When Seinfeld and David were informed of Gondelman’s Twitter account, both seemed bothered, he said. 

“Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David were like, ‘what?’ when they were asked about 'Modern Seinfeld,'” Gondelman said. 

“We actually perturbed Larry David. For him to react that way about what we created is like being dunked on by Michael Jordan.”

It wouldn’t be surprising if Gondelman was part of a sitcom someday. 

“Who knows what the future holds,” he said. “All I know is that I’m happy right now.”