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May 09, 2019

A couple of Philly-area high schoolers weigh in on 'cool' running gear

Magazine reports on fitness wear trends being shaped by the next generation of runners

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The gear that keeps Philly-area teens styling while running.

Fitness attire has really changed over the years. What was once ruled by cotton shorts, old tee-shirts and one-style-fits-all-workout shoes has since been replaced with sweat-wicking spandex leggings and shirts that cost the same amount as a dinner out and sneakers made specifically for nearly every type of workout.

Fitness apparel now serves as a trending style of its own and is sometimes even styled after “normal” clothes — think mesh shirts, lace-up leggings and sports bras that double as crop tops.

Runner’s World talked to 161 high school runners, NCAA Division I commits, road racers, run club enthusiasts, and trail runners across the country to share their top picks in “cool” and trending running gear — a reputation as fairly plain and simple has been shed — to predict what's next from the upcoming generation.

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Here’s what two Philly-area teens told Runner’s World about their favorite “cool” running gear.

Derrick Cheeks, of Preparatory Charter High School in Point Breeze, said:

“I always like to look good. I’m a big person on fashion, And I gravitate toward bright colors. When a runner wears bright colors, it makes them feel better that they’re running. It makes us all feel happy – talking, laughing, taking our minds off the fact that we’re all hurting.”

Philip Bezas, of Liberty High School in Bethlehem, said:

“I really enjoy running in the Nike Therma tights because they’re very warm and comfortable in Pennsylvania’s cold winter months. Also I’m a big fan of a pair New Balance 7-inch running shorts. They’re very light and comfortable on long runs and track workouts.” 

See what other high schoolers across the country had to say about their favorite running gear — from shoes to shirts and shorts on Runner’s World here.

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