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August 01, 2015

Cowboys DE Greg Hardy contributes money for airplane banner to be flown over Eagles practice

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080115GregHardy Chuck Burton/AP

Greg Hardy re-hydrates after a long day of snappy airplane banner writing.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Cowboys DE Greg Hardy donated $300 for an airplane banner to be flown over Eagles training camp at Lincoln Financial Field on August 9th. The banner is in response to a GoFundMe page started by Eagles fans, who were are trying to raise money for a "We got DeMarco :)" banner to be flown over Cowboys training camp.

The Cowboys' banner has gone through several changes on what it will say. Originally, it was going to say "We got the division." Then after Hardy stepped in, he suggested that it say “WE STILL DEM BOYZ!” And finally, they landed on this:

I have several thoughts:

• Clearly this is an excellent use of money.

• Greg Hardy is dumb.

• Cowboys fans' originality is off the charts.

Cowboys fan banner

• The Cowboys' banner has several spelling and grammatical errors. If you had a teacher grade their banner, it would look like this:

Banner grade

• The Cowboys had 28 sacks last year, which was 28th in the NFL. I'm sure Sam Bradford is quaking in his knee brace.

• Also, in regard to sacks, Hardy is going to miss the first Eagles game Week 2. Because he's suspended. Because he beat a woman. He won't have any sacks that day.

• Here's a look at the plane the Cowboys' fans will be using to fly their banner:

Cowboys fan plane 2

• I'm told that women are gathering up money for their own banner in response to Greg Hardy's banner:

Greg Hardy banner 3

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