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July 19, 2017

Coyotes on the Main Line? Officials warn residents to be on the lookout

Keep an eye on your beloved pets. 

There have been "several" confirmed coyote sightings around the Main Line, according to a warning posted by Lower Merion officials, who noted the most recent spotting was in Villanova.

"Residents should take precautions to eliminate any food sources in their yard and neighborhood to avoid creating problems with coyotes," Lower Merion officials said in a release. "Pet owners are advised to keep cats indoors, and dogs under control during the day and in secured kennels or indoors at night." 

Coyotes are typically "elusive" but categorized as "opportunistic feeders," taking advantage of whatever food is laying around including small animals and artificial food sources like garbage and birdseed. They thrive in suburbs and cities as a result. 

NBC10 reported of a previous coyote spotting in Lower Merion back in February

Anyone who spots a coyote is being asked to call Lower Merion Police at 610-649-1000. Residents with further questions about the animal should call the township's animal control warden at 610-645-6215.