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July 10, 2017

#BearWatch2017: Oh great, bears can open car doors now

In our continuing coverage of #BearWatch2017, we go to North Carolina, where news of a new skill acquired by the bears pretty much spells doom for humanity.

The Charlotte Observer reports that there have been two instances of bears getting into unlocked cars in the past three weeks. In the most recent incident, a bear trapped itself in a parked SUV and required a game warden to let it out after it tore up the interior of the vehicle.

About two weeks ago, a North Carolina family found a bear in its SUV after they heard it honking the horn. The interior of their car was also shredded, according to the Observer. And a month ago, a private security firm in the state explicitly warned: "Bears can open car doors, so LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS!"

Add this ability to their growing repertoire of human qualities, and it appears it's only a matter of time before the bears take over completely. Our long run as the most dominant species on the planet is likely over.

This has been the latest edition of #BearWatch2017.