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March 08, 2016

Dad saves son from flying bat at spring training

'I was just protecting my son,' Shaun Cunningham said

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Dad saves son 6ABC/Screenshot / Christopher Horner / Tribune-Review

Father saves son from flying bat at spring training.

A father is being hailed a hero, or, in his words, just a dad, for saving his son from a flying baseball bat that soared into the stands and straight for his 8-year-old son's face during a spring training game in Florida.

Shaun Cunningham, 37, and his son, Landon, were at the Pittsburgh Pirates' spring training game against the Atlanta Braves in Orlando when, in the fifth inning, outfielder Danny Ortiz lost his grip on his bat on a swinging strike, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

A Tribune-Review staff photographer at the game snapped images of the scene, and those photos have since gone viral.

Shaun Cunningham told Tribune-Review staff writer Rob Biertempfel, “I was just protecting my son.”

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