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June 01, 2016

Details of the Eagles-Broncos conditional Mark Sanchez trade

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060116MarkSanchez David Zalubowski/AP

Will Mark Sanchez become a 6, a 7, or nothing?

Back in March, the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos agreed to a trade that sent quarterback Mark Sanchez to Denver for a conditional draft pick. Details of that pick were previously unknown.

According to a source, the Eagles will receive the Broncos' seventh-round pick if he makes Denver's roster. It will become a sixth-round pick if Sanchez starts at least four games.

The sixth-round pick, however, requires further explanation. The Broncos had previously traded their 2017 sixth-round pick as part of a package to acquire tight end Vernon Davis. They do, however, own the Titans' sixth-round pick in 2017, which the Eagles would receive instead in that scenario. The Titans are likely to be drafting higher than the Broncos in 2017.

Here is an updated list of the Eagles' 2017 draft picks:

 RoundHow acquired 
 2Eagles' own pick 
 3Eagles' own pick 
 4Eagles' own pick 
 4Acquired from Browns as part of deal to acquire 2016 No. 2 overall pick 
 5Eagles' own pick 
 6Eagles' own pick 
 (conditional)If Mark Sanchez does not make the Broncos' roster, the Eagles get nothing. If he makes the roster, the Eagles are guaranteed at least a seventh round pick. If he starts four games, the Eagles get the Broncos' sixth round pick, which was previously acquired from the Titans.  
 7Eagles' own pick 

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