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December 11, 2017

Did you know today is Green Monday, a big day for online holiday shopping?

We know all about the chaos and deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but it turns out even mid-December has its own frenzied holiday shopping day known as Green Monday.

Annually marked on the second Monday of December, Green Monday is traditionally the day when everyone panics about ordering gifts online and making sure they’ll come in time for Christmas gift giving.

Business Insider compares Green Monday to Panic Saturday, known as the last Saturday before Christmas where everyone goes to the mall carrying a shopping list and crippling anxiety.

The term “Green Monday” was coined by eBay 10 years ago, and the site has marked the occasion with day-specific deals since 2007. Last year, Green Monday reached peak online sales in its history at $1.6 billion, though Business Insider points out that total was nearly doubled by the retail sales on this past Thanksgiving, which totaled $2.9 billion.

There aren’t nearly as many deals to choose from as you’re likely to find the week during or after Thanksgiving, but online retail giants including Amazon, Walmart, Target offer discounts, among others.

With ever-improving shipping promises, though, it seems Green Monday may be less widespread than previous years. Nonetheless, it’s worth capitalizing on deals, such as cheap Ray Bans on eBay or a discounted Echo Dot on Amazon. Travel & Leisure also has a nice round-up of some of the Internet’s deals here.