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March 21, 2016

Doug Pederson lists the Eagles' needs in the 2016 NFL Draft

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Dougy P ain't lied yet.

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Appearing on NFL Network this morning, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was interviewed by NFL HQ host Cole Wright, who asked Pederson to name the Eagles' weaknesses as well as what positions he was looking to add in the draft.

In regard to the Eagles' weaknesses, Pederson said, "Right now we’re still looking at the secondary position and some of the offensive line spots that we have. There are some holes there that we need to fix but we have guys on the roster that can fill those spots. You’re always looking to better your roster, you’re always looking to bring in guys that can help you in any of those situations, and those are two areas right now that probably if you have to put a pinpoint on it, you look at those two areas and you focus on them coming up in the draft.”

When asked what the Eagles would be focused on in the draft, Pederson stayed right with the secondary and offensive line.

"Going in, you would love to secure that offensive line position," he said. "You can’t have a great quarterback without a great offensive line. You can’t have a good running game without a good offensive line. So it all starts there. Obviously this is a good draft going forward with getting offensive line help. And then again, that secondary. If the passing yards are up in the National Football League, you want guys who can cover. And the other thing too is you look for guys who can rush the passer. Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry, guys that can come off the edge, through the middle. You want pass rushers. So, a couple of areas there that we’ll look for in this draft."

Teams tend to be not-so-honest when they talk about anything related to the draft. However, all offseason, Pederson has given surprisingly honest answers, as the team has generally done what he has said they will do.

Earlier today, we reported that the Eagles are unlikely to draft an offensive lineman with their first round pick. However, they are a good bet to add several on Day Two and Day Three. As for the secondary, the Eagles are set at both starting safety spots, but Florida cornerback Vernon Hargreaves could make some sense at pick No. 8.

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