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April 28, 2023

NFL Draft: Dallas' Micah Parsons hated how good the Eagles' first-round picks were

The Eagles left the first round of the draft with Georgia pass rushers Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith. Dallas linebacker Micah Parsons wasn't thrilled about seeing that happen.

The Eagles used picks 9 and 30 in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday night to add a couple more Georgia Bulldogs – Jalen Carter and then Nolan Smith – who they hope will help bolster their pass rush for years to come. 

Eagles fans loved the picks, Eagles players loved the picks, and Micah Parsons? 

Straight up not having a good time. 

"I'm just so sick to my stomach right now," the Cowboys linebacker said during Bleacher Report's draft coverage after the Carter pick at 9. "I'm just sick to my stomach right now, I'm just sick to my stomach. I can't believe that many teams passed up on him."

Retorted Eagles star receiver A.J. Brown, who was also a guest on the show: "Micah, just be a Philadelphia Eagle at this point."

Dallas in shambles.

Parsons' reaction to the Smith pick at 30, which seemed to hit much harder: "I mean, I love, I've recruited Nolan to Penn, I was his host...Nolan's my guy, his ceiling is high. I think for where he's gone – you see that production – for where he's gone, this is a great pick, and production-wise, I think he has a chance to fly through the roof. Being in a system where it's gonna be more towards him, a five-man front with Jordan Davis...Jalen, and Josh, and Fletcher Cox...

"Their future is set."

Responded Brown, with the biggest grin on his face: "I'm loving every bit of this. He needs some tissues. He really – the show is over, he's ready to go home and cry."

Just a brutal night to be a Cowboy. 

Parsons, the 23-year-old Harrisburg product and pass rusher out of Penn State, has never been shy about stirring the pot when it comes to the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry. But after another Dallas shortcoming in the playoffs and then having to watch the Eagles run straight to the NFC title, only to see them stock right back up a couple of months later and with most of a Super Bowl-caliber roster returning, it's far from a fun thing to think about for anyone wearing a blue star. 

Not that you'll find any Birds fans complaining about it. 

Brown got him the tissues, by the way.

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