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November 14, 2019

Eagles podcast: With the playoffs in view, who needs to step up?

The bye week has come and gone, and the Philadelphia Eagles are back to business as they prepare to take on the New England Patri*ts this Sunday. Brandon Gowton and I discussed that matchup, our general pulse of the team after the bye, and what players need to step up down the stretch in episode 92 of BGN Radio.

Here's what we discussed:

• Are we feeling better or worse about the Eagles after the bye? It seems like being further removed from the bad moments has everything feeling better (not unlike how every team’s fanbase is generally optimistic entering the season).

• The Eagles’ playoff hopes are revived with the Cowboys (and other NFC teams) losing.

• Assistant coach takeaways, such as Jason Peters staying at LT, and Carson Walch insulting everyone’s intelligence with his Mack Hollins comments.

• Snake draft of Eagles players who need to step up the most down the stretch.

• Eagles vs. Patri*ts Super Bowl rematch

  1. Patri*ts haven’t really played anybody … second easiest SOS in the league
  2. Patri*ts offense: Defending Brady, Pats OL vulnerable, Schwartz’s uninspiring history vs. New England
  3. Patri*ts defense: Forcing a lot of turnovers, going to take away Zach Ertz, and is this another good game to grind it out on the ground?
  4. Patri*ts special teams: The Pats have a replacement kicker.

• NFL picks against spread

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