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January 20, 2020

InLiquid: 20 years of advocating for artists

Everyone is a collector

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Who said owning original art was limited to the elite? Not according to InLiquid’s Executive Director, Rachel Zimmerman. Everything of sentimental value that is cataloged, stored, and creatively displayed, whether it be stamps, baseball cards, bottle caps even, is after all, a collection. Zimmerman believes that everyone is a collector. She says, “The art you own is an ongoing collection signifying a history and timeline of your experiences and interests,” a snapshot of who you are at the present moment.

InLiquid is one of Philadelphia’s long-standing advocates for local artists, encouraging everyone to be a collector and to start their art collection by supporting their local artists.

The nonprofit organization has spent twenty years making local artists’ work accessible to everyone — whether they’re seasoned collectors or have yet to begin. InLiquid produces two major annual events: their winter event, the Benefit and Silent Auction and their summer festival, Art for the Cash Poor. The organization also produces over 40 exhibitions annually throughout Philadelphia and in select art fairs including New York City’s Spring Break. Additionally, InLiquid presents educational programming and year-round events throughout the city and promotes local artists with an extensive online presence on the art-selling platform Artsy.

Celebrating its 20th year, InLiquid works with over 350 local artists annually and strives to nurture the public’s appreciation for the arts by introducing local art to a wider audience. To celebrate this milestone year, InLiquid launched “Everyone is a Collector” presented by PNC Arts Alive — a year-long campaign engaging those experienced and new to art collecting to share their personal collections.

The campaign also includes a series of programming and video interviews featuring local collectors of all different ages and backgrounds. The campaign will include The Benefit Twenty-Twenty: Everyone is a Collector, the annual fundraiser and Silent Auction of local art, which will be held January 31 and February 1 at the Crane Arts Icebox Project Space.

The annual Benefit & Silent Auction is one of InLiquid’s two signature events, featuring works by over 200 artists, consisting of original works of art, as well as highlighting Philadelphia’s best businesses and restaurants. This year, InLiquid is also working with local interior designers to create home environments, emphasizing that art can belong in anyone’s home and that everyone is a collector.

The other annual event is Art for the Cash Poor, an outdoor summer art and crafts fair fully emphasizing that everyone is a collector, where all art is under $199--a perfect place to start your collection!

Tickets for the 2020 InLiquid Benefit are still available! To learn more, purchase, or even start your bidding online, visit