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October 11, 2015

Two former Phillies teammates react to Utley's hard slide

Victorino calls it 'tough,' Martinez calls it 'mind-boggling'

Former Phillies second basemen and current Los Angeles Dodger Chase Utley had the internet buzzing Saturday night when his hard slide to try and break up a double play ended up breaking something else: Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada's leg. 

The play, which occurred in the 7th inning of the Dodgers' 5-2 win over New York that tied up the NLDS one game apiece, is currently being looked at by MLB executive Joe Torre for potential disciplinary action against the former Philadelphia fan favorite. 

Utley knocked Tejada over in his slide and was actually called safe after a replay review showed the shortstop's foot just missed touching the base. 

The run that scored on the play tied the game, and the Dodgers tacked on three more to seal the victory. You can watch the play here: 

Two former Phillies teammates of Utley had differing reactions to the controversial play. 

Shane Victorino, who's currently with the Angels and won a World Series ring with him in Philly, defended the play and applauded the second basemen for his "toughness." 

Pedro Martinez, however, who pitched for the Phillies during their 2009 season when they won the NL Pennant, was critical of Utley.

Martinez, who also played for the Mets, called the play "mind-boggling" on a TBS post-game show and said it appeared he was aiming for Tejada.

He reinforced his stance, highlighting the perceived injury risk of the slide, on Twitter. 

What do you think: hard play or dirty slide?