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November 15, 2018

Gritty scored write-in votes all across Philly

The Flyers new mascot received at least 43 votes in the 2018 general election across the city

Knowing how much Gritty means to the Delaware Valley, we at PhillyVoice have launched an comprehensive look into how many write-in votes the Philadelphia Flyers mascot received in last week’s election across an eight-county area.

Today, however, we are going to dispense with protocol and share with you, dear readers, how many votes the orange googly-eyed monster received in Philadelphia, the city of his “birth.”

Board of Elections officials say the number will rise when all absentees and yet-to-be-reviewed tapes are compiled. Still, they provided 272 pages of write-in votes from across the city.

Gritty received a minimum of 43 votes in Philadelphia (as compared to 14 in Camden County, 10 in Montgomery County and four in Gloucester County.)

Thanks to all for exercising their hard-earned right to vote for the candidates of their choice (including those of you who wrote in support for Nightman from "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia," the late Harambe, Jesus Christ, Turd Ferguson, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump and “Miracle Man Shine the G. Wiz Light Tut.”)


18: West Philly/Mantua/University City

6: Fishtown 

4: Bustleton/Fox Chase and Point Breeze

3: South Philly

2: Northwood

1: Germantown, Mayfair, Mt. Airy, North Philly, Rhawnhurst, Tacony and other various wards throughout Northeast Philadelphia


2nd District State Senate (Winner: Christine Tartaglione) – 12 

8th District State Senate (Anthony H. Williams) – 9 

188th District General Assembly (James Roebuck Jr.) – 5 

190th District General Assembly (Vanessa Brown) – 4

U.S. Senate (Bob Casey) – 2

186th District General Assembly (Jordan Harris) – 2 

Governor/Lt. Governor (Tom Wolf/John Fetterman) - 1

2nd District Congress (Brendan Boyle) – 1

3rd District Congress (Dwight Evans) – 1 

172nd District Gen. Assembly (Kevin Boyle) – 1 

174th District Gen. Assembly (Ed Neilson) – 1 

175th District Gen. Assembly (Mary Isaacson) – 1 

184th District Gen. Assembly (Elizabeth Fiedler) – 1 

185th District Gen. Assembly (Maria Donatucci) – 1

202nd District Gen. Assembly (Jared Solomon) – 1 


What follows is the ward and division in which each individual write-in was cast, and for what particular race:

Ward 19 - Division 10, U.S. Senator

22-01, 3rd District Congress

23-09, 2nd District Congress

23-09, 2nd District State Senate

24-09, 190th District Gen. Assembly

27-13, 188th District Gen. Assembly

31-03, 2nd District State Senate

31-06, 2nd District State Senate

31-13, 175th District Gen. Assembly

31-13, 2nd District State Senate

31-15, 2nd District State Senate

31-15, 2nd District State Senate

36-31, 186th District Gen. Assembly

36-31, 8th District State Senate

36-40, 186th District Gen. Assembly

36-40, 8th District State Senate

39-20, Gov/Lt. Gov

39-20, 184th District Gen. Assembly

41-04, U.S. Senator

44-08, 190th District Gen. Assembly

46-03, 188th District Gen. Assembly

46-03, 8th District State Senate

46-03, 3rd District Rep. in Congress

46-04, 188th District Gen. Assembly

46-04, 8th District State Senate

46-08, 188th District Gen. Assembly

46-08, 8th District State Senate

46-08, 8th District State Senate

46-16, 8th District State Senate

48-13, 185th District Gen. Assembly

54-07, 202nd District Gen. Assembly

55-10, 2nd District State Senate

56-10, 174th District Gen. Assembly

59-02, 3rd District Rep. in Congress

60-10, 3rd District Rep. in Congress

60-10, 190th District Gen. Assembly

60-10, 8th District State Senate

60-15, 190th District Gen. Assembly

60-15, 8th District State Senate

60-23, 188th District Gen. Assembly

63-10, 172nd District Gen. Assembly

63-10, 2nd District State Senate

64-04, 2nd District State Senate

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