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January 14, 2019

Honeygrow just launched a healthy kid's menu at select locations

Customizable stir-frys and bowls for young diners 12 and under

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A Honeygrow location.

Because dreams do come true, the local fast-casual chain, Honeygrow, has just made it possible for kids and parents to grab a healthy meal together while on-the-go that can be customized to even the pickiest of eaters' standards. 

Now available at the Cherry Hill and King of Prussia Honeygrow locations only — though it is expected to spread to more locations in March — is a customizable kid's menu available to children 12 years old and younger. 

It starts off quite familiarly, as you would select the options for your own build-your-own bowl, by selecting a base. For the young ones, the options are egg white noodles or steamed brown rice. Next you select a sauce — sesame garlic or olive oil and parmesan — and then a garnish of parsley or sesame seeds. Take your pick of two vegetables — broccoli, carrots, snow peas, peppers or green beans — and top it all off with some all-natural chicken, if your kid's appetite or palate will permiss. 

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Honeygrow kid's menu
As you can tell, these customizable bowls are suitable for the noodles and cheese-only crowd, as well as the more open-minded little eaters. To wash it all down, these Honeygrow locations will also be selling Honest Kid's apple juice. The bowls can be ordered in-store at participating locations or, through the Honeygrow app. 

The participating Honeygrow locations are: 100 Main St., Suite 180, King of Prussia (in the KOP Town Center) and 1588 Kings Hwy. North, Cherry Hill (in the Ellisburg Shopping Center). 

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