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May 10, 2021

WATCH: How to optimize your business, team and brand

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CXO Digital Advisors features conversations with thought provokers, problem dissectors and idea innovators who guide C-Suiters, business owners and entrepreneurs on new and better ways of working in a digital business world. The interview series is hosted by David Thompson, Managing Partner of Bongo Consulting, a Philadelphia-based company that helps its clients develop digital marketing strategies and foundations that position them for growth. Get a free digital marketing assessment for your business here.

In this episode, David speaks with expert business coach and leadership architect Dave Nast about how companies can strengthen their foundation with a data-driven approach to talent optimization, human capital management, and leadership development. He discusses why business leaders should utilize data to drive strategy and avoid making decisions from the gut. Dave also explains what the Predictive Index is and why it's underutilized for everything from workforce analytics to boosting the bottom line.


Click any of the following links to view the segment on YouTube:

• What is the Predictive Index?
• Why is the Predictive Index Underutilized in Business?
• The Importance of Alignment in the Organization
• Using AI for Skill Assessments
• Strategy Assessments During COVID

Watch the full CXO Advisors series of discussions on YouTube.

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