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September 26, 2017

Joe Biden is curating the news in daily ‘Biden’s Briefing’ podcast

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122116_NewBidenPenn Josh Edelson/AP

Joe Biden gives a speech at the HRC Los Angeles Gala on Saturday, March 22, 2014.

Former Vice President Joe Biden may be considered a top 2020 presidential contender by many hopeful Democrats, but until then there’s another role he’s happy to fill: daily podcast host.

Monday Biden launched the first episode of “Biden’s Briefing,” a daily news podcast where the former Delaware senator will feature articles, essays, and posts in the news that “made an impression” on him.

“Biden’s briefing isn’t just a collection of stories I’ve enjoyed, it’s part of a much bigger conversation,” Biden said in yesterday's premiere episode. “The world is changing quickly. Now, more than ever, we need to broaden our perspectives to be better informed.”

Biden won’t be reading through the stories himself; stories are read instead by professional voice talent. The podcast is working with audio startup Ground Control, entertainment agency Creative Artists and voice platform SpokenLayer, Fortune reported.

Listen to Monday's premiere episode here.

“From time to time in the briefing, you’ll hear from me directly,” Biden said in Monday’s episode.

Not all stories featured will reflect Biden's own opinions or beliefs, he said, but are highlighted to show the importance of communicating across the aisle.

“The better informed we are, the better decisions we make," the former vice president said. "By listening to one another, I believe we can arrive at a consensus."

Stories featured on the program are sourced through partnerships with different publishers, including Bloomberg, BuzzFeed and Politico, CNN reported.

“Biden’s Briefing” is available to listen to on Spotify, iTunes, TuneIn, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. New episodes and earlier test recordings of the podcast also are available on the "Biden's Briefings" listen page.