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April 04, 2018

John Kruk 'can't tell you' what he used to do during rain delays

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John Kruk Philadelphia Phillies/Facebook Live

John Kruk accepts an ice cream cone while calling a Phillies/Mets game on Facebook Live.

Former Phillies player and current Phillies broadcaster John Kruk was on hand to call the team's game against the Mets on Wednesday, a contest streamed on Facebook (which pretty much everyone hates so far).

During a rain delay, Kruk discussed what he used to do during rain delays. He implied that he used to, um, let's say have some alone time.

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Here is Krukky making the other announcers squirm while forcing some awkward laughter, a treatment usually reserved for Tom McCarthy.

I would make a Gape Kapler/coconut oil joke here, but I've been beaten to the punch. What I will say is that Kruk actually totally could have just come right out and said what he used to do during rain delays. The broadcast team pointed out that the FCC doesn't have jurisdiction over Facebook broadcasts.

Despite this, so far there have been no F-bombs or explicit descriptions of sexual acts.