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October 08, 2015

Local bacon jam company to double footprint with new distributor

The Bacon Jams enter partnership with Haddon House

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100415_BaconJams Contributed Art/The Bacon Jams

The Bacon Jams offer three flavors of the spreadable condiment made from real bacon.

If you've never heard of bacon jam before, you are in for a great milestone and you may start to see more of it around in the near future.

Local producer The Bacon Jams, which sells spreadable bacon products in three different flavors, will double its national footprint after signing on with a new distributor, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The two-year-old Bridgeport company has entered a partnership with Haddon House that will expand its distribution to 290 active customers at 750 locations in 46 states. Previously the company distributed the product from its warehouse in Bridgeport to 250 customers at 325 locations in 44 states.

The expanded distribution will take effect in November as the company pursues a variety of other initiatives to build a bigger market for its products. The Bacon Jams will begin selling Canada later this year and plans to work more closely with restaurants to have the spreads available to patrons as ingredients or condiments. The company also hopes to gain greater visibility in Philadelphia. 

The Bacon Jams is comprised of five full-time workers, five part-time workers and a group of twenty people that collectively participate in cook days.

Learn more about the company here.