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August 21, 2015

Local meteorologist takes on 'haters' for remarks about her pregnancy

CBS 3's Katie Fehlinger turns pregnancy shaming into stand of solidarity

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CBS 3 meteorologist Katie Fehlinger, pregnant with twin girls, responded to critics of her on-air appearances with a Facebook post gone viral.

Local meteorologist Katie Fehlinger of CBS 3 has turned an another episode of classless Internet ridicule into an affirmation for pregnant women everywhere.

Fehlinger, who is around 35 weeks pregnant with twin girls, has valiantly maintained her on-air duties throughout her pregnancy. Recently, however, some viewers began to heave insults at her, one calling her a "sausage in casing," for example, and another saying "sticking your pregnant abdomen out like that is disgusting."

Hurt by the remarks and tired of the callousness behind them (she is, after all, nourishing the creation of two human beings), a fed up Fehlinger fired back on her personal Facebook page with a post that has gone viral and sparked a wave of solidarity as pregnant women and husbands take to social media with #CBS3 photos.


In an interview with Yahoo Parenting, Fehlinger said that the nasty comments were directed not just at her, but at "every woman who has ever gone through the rigors of pregnancy."

“I am seeing moms-to-be every week at my OB’s office and I feel like this is something that should be celebrated — what women go through to bring children in to the world.”

Kudos to Fehlinger for flipping the script on this one. When the time comes, her daughters will have an object lesson in how to rise above and beyond mean tweets.