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March 07, 2018

Not cleaning the snow off your car is illegal in Pennsylvania

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Carroll - Snow in Philadelphia Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Vehicles approach the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017.

With every first snowfall of the season in Philadelphia comes the inevitable return of two annual recurrences: people illegally trying to save their parking spots and motorists not cleaning the snow from their cars before driving.

The Philadelphia Police Department has the whole "no savesies" thing covered pretty well, so let's turn our attention to the latter issue. The bottom line: it's illegal to not clean the snow and ice off you car before driving, and failing to do so could cost you big time.

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Pennsylvania law states no person should operate a motor vehicle with ice or snow obstructing the windshields or windows of their cars.

Furthermore, if snow or ice is dislodged from a moving vehicle and strikes another driver or pedestrian causing serious bodily injury or death, the driver is subject to a fine no less than $200 and possibly as high as $1,000.

On top of the potential legal ramifications, not clearing the snow off your car will rightfully earn you scorn from others, who will judge you for being lazy and inconsiderate.

So, remember to clean the snow off your vehicle. It's the law, and others will hate you if you don't. Not to mention it's flat-out dangerous.