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February 09, 2017

Pennsylvania students lionize superintendent on Twitter for school cancellation

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020917_JosephRoyBeth @BASDSUPT/Twitter

Bethlehem Area School District Superintendent Joseph Roy is a celeb on Twitter.

Growing up, there are few better feelings in the world than learning that school has been canceled. If you've already done your homework, snow days almost always turn into indelibly memorable experiences, as long as you commit to bundling up, going out and finding an adventure.

That's become harder to do in the age of social media, when freed students can legitimately find an enthralling rabbit hole online, or wind up thumbing through Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter all day. There are actually enough apps to fill most of a day at this point.

Based on the evidence out of Bethlehem on Wednesday night, the kids enrolled at area schools made sure to get that out of their systems in advance of Thursday's storm.

When Bethlehem Area School District superintendent Joseph Roy took to Twitter to announce a districtwide school closure, he was flooded with tweets from gleeful students (h/t BuzzFeed).

Roy told BuzzFeed that he created a Twitter account in 2012 in order to have a more direct line of communication with parents. He's got 10,000 followers, many of them now students who seem to worship him. Even Roy's daughter couldn't help but notice her dad's new entourage. 

Of course, as the snow day draws to its bitterly cold end, students naturally get a little greedy. 

What do you say, BASD?