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January 15, 2018

Pennsylvania's Steak-umm wins hard-fought campaign for verified Twitter account

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Steak-umm @steak_umm/Twitter

Steak-umm Twitter account gets verified.

Getting your Twitter account verified with that little blue checkmark is a badge of pride. It's a status reserved for the most sought-after of celebrities, savvy brands and original personalities.

Sometimes, you have to be bold and shameless to get Twitter to give you the respect you deserve. That's what Steak-mmm, the Reading-based producer of thin-sliced and frozen steaks, accomplished on Monday.

Thanks to a phenomenal string of hilarious tweets and gifs, the DIY cheesesteak meat producer is now verified by Twitter.

Along the way, Steak-umm's relentless campaign angered some, including a surprising number of Twitter users who had been blocked by the company, which now has a following of more 12.7 thousand. For context, when Steak-umm was blasted by Something Awful for creating Social Web/Community Guidelines in 2014, the company had just about 700 followers. They've come a long way. 

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To celebrate Steak-umm's victory, we present few of their best recent tweets, many of which were submitted by fans who took up the cause along the way.