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February 03, 2015

Philadelphia autism report released

A goal of the two-year project was to help locals deal with the bureaucracy of the health care system

A comprehensive Philadelphia autism report was unveiled Monday, NBC 10 reports. The report aims to address pertinent issues like treatment and services, as well as how to deal with the bureaucracy of the health care system.

The three counties in the commonwealth with the highest number of individuals with autism were Allegheny, Philadelphia and Montgomery, with 4,895, 4,617 and 1,691, respectively -- ASERT

The report was compiled over two years by a team of local families affected by the disorder, policymakers, researchers and service providers, including ASERT (Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training), a statewide initiative funded by the Bureau of Autism Services, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

Implementation of its initiatives already are being considered, said Councilman Dennis O’Brien, who outlined the report at a City Hall press conference Monday.

Read a full article on the press conference coverage and report here.

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