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August 28, 2023

Philly comedy festival promises stand-up acts, live podcasts and 12 hours of laughs

The all-day event takes place Sunday, Sept. 3 at Gaul & Co. Malt House in Port Richmond

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Philly Comedy Fest Matthias Wagner/

Philly Comedy Fest at Gaul & Co Malt House on Sunday, Sept. 3 will feature 12 hours of stand-up, podcasts and other performances.

Fans of stand-up comedy, podcast banter and other shenanigans may want to attend the inaugural Philly Comedy Fest in Port Richmond over Labor Day weekend. 

The 12-hour comedy festival takes place Sunday, Sept. 3 at Gaul & Co. Malt House. It features a who's who of comedians and podcasters from Philly, including Matt McCusker, Ian Fidance, Tim Butterly, Sarah Bell and Peggy O'Leary.

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The festival promises a mix of stand-up acts, live podcasts, music and performance groups.

McCusker, Butterly and Sidney Gantt will team up on the Stoner Dadz podcast to talk about fatherhood and getting high. Another weed-themed performance will be hosted by Alex Grubbard, whose game show "Weeding Out the Stoned" tasks the audience with determining which one of several comedians is sober.

DuRag and the Deertag, a popular Helium Podcast Network show, will do an improv show and a performance that involves them undergoing hypnosis. Other podcasts, like Digital Bazooka and Panties in the Mouth, are slated to make appearances. Tunes will be provided by comedic rapper Crack Amico and parody music trio The Zoo Fighters.

Tickets cost $100 per person, plus fees. Drinks and food at Gaul & Co. are separate. The gastropub's menu will be available a la carte.

Philly Comedy Fest

Sunday, Sept. 3
Noon to Midnight. | $100
2619 E. Indiana Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19134