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January 30, 2017

Philly H.S. students' healthy breakfast item lands in district cafeterias

Rebel Crumbles are made with real fruit and whole grains

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Rebel Crumbles Rebel Ventures/for PhillyVoice

The School District of Philadelphia has introduced Rebel Crumbles, a new, student-produced breakfast item, to school cafeterias across the city.

Philadelphia School District students will have the option of starting their day by eating a new healthy treat that many of them are confident they will like. 

How do they know they will like it? Because they created it.

After more than a year of testing – and tasting – the school district's high school student-run business, Rebel Ventures, has partnered with the district's Division of Food Services to launch the breakfast item Rebel Crumbles, which, as of Monday (Jan. 30), is being served at cafeterias throughout the district. 

Rebel Crumbles are made with a blend of apples, cranberries and whole grains spiced with cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg.

Read more about Rebel Ventures and its product launch here.

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