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July 24, 2016

Philly reporter mistaken for Brad Pitt (by other Philly reporter)


Members of the Philadelphia media are a, let's say, unique bunch. That's why it's probably no surprise that a local television reporter mistook one of our own as a world-famous actor.

Fox29's Steve Keeley, of getting blown away by a snow plow fame, was tweeting updates from the preparations being made at the Wells Fargo Center for the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. He posted a picture of who he said might be the first celebrity spotted at the convention: Brad Pitt.

Uh, no, Steve. That's actually PhillyMag writer Dan McQuade, who after being mistaken for the guy married to Angelina Jolie, reacted appropriately:

AdWeek gave Keeley the benefit of the doubt, noting that he may have known it was McQuade the whole time.

Regardless of whether he was joking or not, McQuade seems to be enjoying the whole thing: