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May 02, 2019

Tips for running in the rain to remember for Sunday's Broad Street Run

You're going to have a great race day so long as you prepare for (and embrace!) the weather

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BSR_2016 - 10.jpg Jessie Fox/for PhillyVoice

Runners pass the ACCT Philly table full of energy despite the rain during the Broad Street Run, Sunday, May 1, 2016.

All that training for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run is about to pay off. Soon, you'll be one of the thousands of runners participating in the most popular 10-mile race in the country.

Unfortunately, though, the forecast for Sunday, May 5, predicts a rainy race day. 

But that's OK! You just need to prepare for the weather and embrace it. Use these tips for running in the rain to ensure you have a great Broad Street Run.

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Dress for the weather (Super important!)

• Try to stay dry at the corral for as long as possible by wearing a plastic poncho or a trash bag that you can take off and hand to a friend or throw in the trash right before you run.

• Don't wear cotton. The fabric holds onto water. If your cotton shirt gets wets (and it will), the material will cling to you, causing you to feel cold and soggy for the whole race. Ugh! And wet cotton socks make for heavy, squishy shoes –not what you want when running a long distance.

• Be smart with your layers. Wear a water-resistant but breathable outer layer. You may think a waterproof rain coat would be best but it will trap moisture and heat.

• Remember that light apparel is good for running in the rain because even when wet it won't feel like it's weighing you down.

• For socks, wear two thin pairs made from synthetic materials. You may want to also put baby powder on your feet to  avoid blisters if they get wet.

• As a runner, you know chafing can happen during any long run but rain can make it worse. Be prepared by rubbing petroleum jelly on areas that could get irritated before heading to the start line.

• Throw on a baseball cap. A hat with a brim will help keep water out of your eyes so you can see exactly where you're running.

Protect your electronics

• If you're using a smartphone for the run, safeguard it with a waterproof case and seal it in a plastic baggy for extra protection. If you don't need music or your phone during the race, it's probably best to leave it at home or check a gear bag.

Be careful

• Wet roads mean you need to be extra careful running. Pay attention to your footing. 

• Painted lines on Broad Street are going to be extra slippery so try and avoid them.

• Take quicker, shorter strides to reduce the chance of slipping, wiping out and possibly hurting yourself.

Change up your mindset

• Rain for the Broad Street Run isn't ideal but try to avoid starting the race with a negative attitude. You're going to get wet but it's OK. You and more than 35,000 other runners are in this together.

• Running 10 miles in the rain lets you prove your mental strength along with your physical endurance. Show all those fans cheering from the sidelines that you're a total badass.

• Manage your expectations. You're going to do great but if you don't meet a goal due to challenges caused by the rain, just remember you can't control the weather.

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