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January 30, 2017

Say it ain't so: Philly rated only seventh-best U.S. city for NFL and college football fans

Philly scores just 39.18, with No.1-ranked Green Bay at 63.69

Hey, yo, Iggles and local college football fans: According to WalletHub, Philly is just the seventh-best city in the nation for football fans.

Our fair city scores just 39.18 according to WalletHub's metrics, which include 17 measures, such as “number of NFL and college football teams” to “average ticket price for an NFL game” to “fan friendliness.”

Well, OK, there is a snowball's chance there may be a point about our fan friendliness.

But really turning Philadelphia green with envy is that the No. 1 place for football fans, according to WalletHub, is Green Bay, with a score of 63.69.

But then, what the heck else is there to do in Green Bay?

More galling, though, is that Pittsburgh is rated second at 50.45, New York third at 43.3, Dallas is fourth at 41.04, and Boston is fifth at 39.91.

So tell us: Whaddya think? Did WalletHub make the right call?

See the complete WalletHub report here.