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May 17, 2019

Sixers have most 2019 NBA Draft picks with five

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When the 2019 NBA Draft begins on June 20, the Sixers will — not shockingly — have the most picks (tied with the Hawks) of any team in the event.

Sam Hinkie's philosophy of gathering assets seems to still be in full swing, as in addition to having the 24th-overall pick, four second rounders are on the docket for Philly:

Round PickTeamHow acquired
233CLE Markelle Fultz trade
234CHI2018 draft day trade
242SACTrade with Kings

In addition to their first rounder, picks 33 and 34 are valuable slots right in the beginning of the second round. After that, 42 and 54 are likely throwaway picks. It is extremely doubtful Philadelphia makes all five picks, even though they have been known to draft and stash players from overseas.

Expect to see a few minor trades on draft day that perhaps net the Sixers future second rounders or help them acquire some help on their bench.

Hired in September of last year, this will be Elton Brand's first NBA draft as Sixers general manager.

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