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April 14, 2023

Sixers release new playoff hype video

The Sixers have dropped their second hype video ahead of this postseason run, featuring a voiceover from Anthony Gargano, shots of Geroges Niang throughout the city and more.

The Sixers' 1:00 p.m. Saturday tipoff is inching closer and the team is attempting to amp up the fan base with yet another hype video. Wednesday's hype video release did a pretty damn good job of hitting the right notes about the city's energy and connection to the team without falling too close in the realm of sappiness and clichés.

Take a look at Thursday's creation from the Sixers, captioned, "If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready."

I dug the initial Anthony Gargano voiceover and the early shot of a Sixers fan pushing away a Celtics fan in a Larry Bird jersey, but the rest felt pretty bland to me. Taking the temperature of the fan base on Twitter, I'm not alone with that sentiment. 

The talk about what makes Philadelphia great was generic enough to be applied to any other city or fan base. Why was Georges Niang such a huge part of this video? Is the Sixers' eighth man really changing the vibes of fans to get them ready for playoff hoops on Saturday afternoon? I don't think so. 

Whatever. This is ultimately irrelevant to what happens on the court and the Sixers' opening playoff series against the Nets, but, hey, it's fun to discuss the minutiae and things that go on for the fans off the court, too. I gave a glowing review of this postseason's first hype video, so it's only fair that things even out with a big ol' thumbs down now. 

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