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April 11, 2023

Sixers drop playoff hype video

The Sixers have dropped their first playoff hype video ahead of their matchup with the Nets, playing up the theme of "For the Love of Philly."

The Sixers are four days away from the first playoff matchup of 2023, a home game against the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday afternoon. In a week that's sure to be filled with excitement around the Sixers' hopes to finally break through the second round, the team has dropped what I assume is the first of a series of hype videos to get fans ready to go:

I consider myself a Sixers pessimistic, someone who's way more cynical about them than the average Philadelphian. Will they make the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in 22 years? I don't know. They're going to play Boston in the second round. I've seen that movie a handful of times already. With that said, I loved the video! Slowly building epic music paired with great shots of this great city? Sign me up. 

"It's family in Philadelphia. It's so rare and it's only here," sports talk radio host Anthony Gargano says. 

Clichéd? Sure, but there's an undeniable element of truth throughout this video. 

"It's an aggressive love, but it's a deep love."

"It's a lifestyle. It's not just a movement. We live and breathe through the Sixers' success and failures."

"Once Philly loves you, you're set."

1:00 p.m. on Saturday can't come soon enough for Sixers fans. 

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