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Kevin Cooney has been reporting on Philadelphia sports for the past 24 years, including 21 at the Bucks County Courier Times where he covered the Phillies, Eagles and Flyers. He has won two APSE awards and four Keystone Press Awards for his stories. A regular on WIP, Kevin loves to interact with readers on Twitter. Follow him there at @KevinCooney.

April 15, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Phillies center field issues are part of a much larger problem

To understand the present and the fact that five guys – four of them from the farm system, one of whom has spent his entire big league career here after being a Rule V guy — could possibly not fill one position of need in centerfield for the 2021 Phillies, you have to take a deep dive into the Phillies All-Star registry on Baseball Reference.

April 8, 2021


Kevin Cooney: So far this season, Joe Girardi has been handling the 'bull'

Hector Neris isn’t Mariano Rivera.

March 30, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Some Phillies Do's and Don’ts heading into a new season

It seems so long ago to remember the last time that the Phillies had an honest to goodness Opening Day when the baseball Gods wanted it — somewhere in the chilled and freezing weather of late March and early April.

March 11, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Baseball — and life in general — is rounding third and heading home

Throughout this nation, more and more people are going to be experiencing these moments over the next few months. Silent realizations that the fear that has engulfed our lives — and taken far too many of our friends and neighbors — may soon be lifting for a state of “new normalcy."

March 5, 2021


Kevin Cooney: A critical year looms ahead for the Phillies

Over the years, sportswriters who have yearned for careers in poetry have waxed endlessly about the meaning of spring and the rebirth that is symbolized by the return of baseball.

October 28, 2020


Kevin Cooney: Laying out an offseason plan for the Phillies that doesn't include J.T. Realmuto

One of the main contradictions in baseball is that it moves both slowly and quickly. A season ends and a new one immediately begins within a few days of the conclusion of the World Series.

October 4, 2020


Kevin Cooney: With next Phillies GM, Middleton must avoid the same mistakes he made with Klentak

Despite what you may hear on your favorite sports talk radio station, John MIddleton does drive with a passion to bring his “damn trophy back.” That’s not a phony act in the least as any organizational staffer could tell you over the years.

September 27, 2020


Kevin Cooney: Who will take blame for Phillies' September disaster?

There was a lot to digest from a 58-minute press conference almost 12 months ago. But the one answer that stood out on October 11, 2019 – back when the world seemed awfully similar — from John Middleton’s decision to fire Gabe Kapler at that time was one simple one that the Phillies owner harped on.

September 18, 2020


Kevin Cooney: Matt Klentak, Andy MacPhail need to go if Phillies hope to turn organization around

The visiting baseball clubhouse in RFK Stadium was a claustrophobic nightmare on that first Sunday in October, 2005. And yet, they had all gathered – 45 men in uniform, squeezed into a room that could hold about 30 max- watching a baseball game from 1,500 miles away on a 25 inch tube television mounted on the wall.

August 12, 2020


Kevin Cooney: Phillies organizational mistakes clouding any hope for success this season

In the bleakest of times over the past decade of endlessly awful to mediocre Phillies baseball, there was always that glimmer of hope you could snuggle up against and believe would be the fulcrum of brighter days ahead.

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