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Kevin Cooney has been reporting on Philadelphia sports for the past 24 years, including 21 at the Bucks County Courier Times where he covered the Phillies, Eagles and Flyers. He has won two APSE awards and four Keystone Press Awards for his stories. A regular on WIP, Kevin loves to interact with readers on Twitter. Follow him there at @KevinCooney.

June 25, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Phillies know what they are — they just have to figure out how to fix it

The comments on Bryce Harper’s Zoom call on Wednesday were striking in their nature and telling about the state of the franchise.

June 14, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Phillies about to face their biggest test of the season, and it's not their opponents

By the time the 38,000 plus spilled out to the surrounding streets of South Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon and the Phillies team charter- complete with players adorned in NBA gear- filled up for the flight to the West Coast.

June 7, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Crowd limits disappeared at CBP — and so did Phillies fans

None of the crowds at Phillies-Nationals challenged standing-room-only standards — or even 50 percent standards. Two games in the 15,000 range with Saturday barely cracking 16,000. To be honest, there were times in April and May — when the seating caps were supposedly in the 8,000 to 10,000 range — where the ballpark was more alive and felt more filled.

May 28, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Gauging the market as trade season nears for Phillies

Any baseball season that arrives at Memorial Day means two things: the heat of summer is coming and the time to re-evaluate your roster has arrived.

May 21, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Red Sox series, road trips ahead will be key influences on Phillies front office

Dave Dombrowski’s past will meet up with Dave Dombrowski’s present and immediate future for three days this weekend.

May 14, 2021


Kevin Cooney: In defense of Joe Girardi, he's not dealing with a full hand right now

You don’t have to dive too far deep into the talk radio phones to hear the disappointment. After all, Phillies fans can be a passionate bunch and they can also be a bit unforgiving.

May 7, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Phillies pitching staff helps to mitigate other weaknesses

When Zack Wheeler geared back one final time on Thursday afternoon and forced Daniel Vogelbach to harmlessly pop up foul to Rhys Hoskins at first base, you could have been forgiven if you thought you had just watched the 2011 Phillies instead of the 2021 variety.

April 30, 2021


Kevin Cooney: For Phillies, time to act (and fill big roster holes) is now, not the trade deadline

The standings says that we are 25 games into the new season – an amount of time that is a few kernals of sand slip through the hourglass.

April 23, 2021


Kevin Cooney: The Phillies haven't been great, but the NL East won't be either

It is difficult to imagine this after what you just saw this week — a bullpen that gave you nightmares to the worst moments of 2020, injuries and COVID-19 test cases popping up in the clubhouse, ridiculously poor fielding and some baffling managerial decisions not made by a man named Gabe Kapler — but there is a ray of hope for the 2021 Phillies.

April 15, 2021


Kevin Cooney: Phillies center field issues are part of a much larger problem

To understand the present and the fact that five guys – four of them from the farm system, one of whom has spent his entire big league career here after being a Rule V guy — could possibly not fill one position of need in centerfield for the 2021 Phillies, you have to take a deep dive into the Phillies All-Star registry on Baseball Reference.

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