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April 07, 2016

Stephen A. Smith says Sam Hinkie ‘ruined lives,’ which Bill Simmons found amusing

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You aren’t going to believe this, but former Inquirer columnist and current ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith has a strong opinion about Sam Hinkie’s resignation. And in a major upset, it’s not all that positive about the Hinkster. Shocking, I know.

After the D’Angelo Russell evisceration last week, Stephen A. is truly on a roll. Here is the video in full, but fast forward to the 8:15 mark for the especially good stuff:

“This passionate city where I worked for 17 years should be ashamed of itself for even tolerating Sam Hinkie for this long.” Fake WIP Caller has to be pretty jealous right about now.

Anyway, former ESPN employee Bill Simmons found this rant pretty funny (So did I, in case you can't tell). He decided to treat us with a little running commentary. Full video here:

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