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February 12, 2023

Delco native shows Eagles fans the best poles to climb in Phoenix ahead of Super Bowl LVII

Grace Del Pizzo, who attends college in Arizona, posted the video to Twitter, where it's been viewed over 100 thousand times

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super bowl lvii eagles fan grace del pizzo phoenix pole climb Grace Del Pizzo/Twitter

Grace Del Pizzo, a Delaware County native who attends Arizona State University, posted a parody video to Twitter that takes viewers on a tour of the best poles to climb in Phoenix in case Eagles fans have something to celebrate after Super Bowl LVII.

Philadelphians love to celebrate sports victories by climbing poles.

The inexplicable tradition has become part of the unique fabric of the city, causing authorities to grease the poles to deter climbing and even inspiring merchandise. The Eagles winning another Super Bowl would certainly be a reason to celebrate, and one fan is jokingly explaining how to take the custom to Arizona, where the big game is being played in State Farm Stadium.

Grace Del Pizzo, a Delaware County native who attends Arizona State University, posted a video to Twitter that takes viewers on a tour of the poles of downtown Phoenix.

In the video, posted Feb. 1, Del Pizzo wears an Eagles sweatshirt as she describes poles of all shapes and sizes, detailing different mechanisms that may aid or deter climbing. 

"I'd like to show you around, so you can take a look at one of our favorite things: the light poles," Del Pizzo said.

She even shows off the light rail station that is "the equivalent of SEPTA," and says the roof likely won't be able to hold revelers trying to stand on top of it.

"The roof is kind of tilted, so you can't exactly stand on it unless you really believe in yourself," Del Pizzo jokes.

Del Pizzo notes that the city's police have released statements that they are not greasing the poles, and also that her video is not necessarily supporting pole climbing in Arizona.

"A little disclaimer, I'm not encouraging any illegal activity I promise," Del Pizzo said.

Del Pizzo finishes out her video with a celebratory "Go Birds," of course.

The parody has been viewed over 100 thousand times, and received tons of humorous replies.

"This is the hard hitting journalism Eagles fans need, thank you for your service," one Twitter user remarked, while another suggested that Del Pizzo should make a series of videos discussing the poles in each city that the Eagles visit.

Jordan Bontke, of Phoenix's ABC15 news station, asked city officials from Glendale, where State Farm Stadium is located, whether they'd be greasing poles in preparation for possible Eagles fan celebrations.

"To answer your question, the city of Glendale will have a heavy presence of safety and security personnel from multiple partnering jurisdictions that will deter and stop any unsafe activities," was the official's response, according to a screenshot posted by Bontke.

Before any possible celebrations comes the big game, of course. The Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, which airs Sunday, Feb. 12, on FOX with kickoff at 6:30 p.m.

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