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October 02, 2016

Temple students want to cancel classes for Election Day

Some Temple University students are campaigning online to get the school to cancel classes for Election Day.

The petition, addressed to acting President Richard Englert and the Temple administration, says every student should have their voice heard in this "historic election," but says that might not be possible if classes are held on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

"Many students have multiple classes on Tuesday and will not have time to vote in between them," the petition reads.

"Further, it will be difficult for commuters who are registered to vote where they live to get to the polls when they must also travel to campus."

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As of Sunday morning, the petition had 766 signees, short of a 1,000-supporter goal.

The idea for the petition came from Temple senior Elijah Zimmerman, according to The Temple News. Zimmerman told the newspaper the petition started after he and a group of students were discussing how the student body could have a larger political impact.

Temple's administration has not touched on potentially cancelling classes for Election Day in the past, according to the newspaper.