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June 09, 2016

Three wedding day prep to-dos you may not have considered

Dress? Check. Avoid unplanned breakout and secure glowing skin? Also, check.

With wedding season upon us, brides are busy checking off their to-do lists of last-minute preparations to complete the big day, from perusing Pinterest to find the perfect hairstyle to compliment their fairytale gown to buying personal thank you gifts for the people who share closely in the celebration.

But behold, there are always a few more items that creep onto the pre-wedding agenda.

Below are a few for the better, not worse. 

Freshen and fuel up with RestoreIV

Every woman wants to wake up on the morning of her wedding day feeling refreshed, energized and glowing – meaning no bags under the eyes and absolutely no blemishes. 

But those are only things you can hope for, right? Wrong. 

Introducing RestoreIV, the first medical practice in Philadelphia to offer IV vitamin and minerals through intravenous therapy.

An ideal option for brides-to-be is RestoreIV's Beauty drip that is said to enhance skin elasticity and collagen, provide a healthy glow and promote hair and nail growth. 

Diamond dusting at Baked Sunless Tanning

For brides who would rather not face the risks of extreme sun exposure but want to be perfectly golden when they say their I Do’s, Baked Sunless Tanning offers both organic spray tans and diamond dusting

Diamond dusting is a service that applies "authentic crushed diamonds" to the skin – to match that rock on your finger.

Whiten your smile at Luminosity Smiles

There's going to be a lot of smiling on your big day and those moments will live on forever through photographs and video. 

Make sure your pearly whites match the moment by enhancing your smile with luxury teeth whitening at Luminosity Smiles.