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October 06, 2016

Tinder: Penn students more likely to match among Ivy League schools

If you are trying to connect with a Penn student on Tinder, chances are you are going to face some competition. That's according to data released Wednesday by the dating app.

Business Insider decided to examine which Ivy University students were having the most luck in the online dating world.

According to Tinder, University of Penn students are enjoying the greatest amount of success.

The rankings are based on the percentage of "yes" swipes in the month of September by users who list one of the eight Ivy League schools in their profile. Penn topped the list, followed by Brown and Columbia Universities. Harvard, meanwhile, had the worst success rate.

Tinder also revealed the total number of matches for students in September. Columbia edged Penn to lead that category, but that was chalked up to the population difference between New York City and Philadelphia.

Finally, the schools were ranked according to the number of "Super Likes," which allow users to alert prospective dates of their interest before a match. Even though Harvard students have the least success with matches, they receive the most Super Likes of the eight Ivy League schools. Penn ranked second in that category too.

The exact figures from Tinder were not disclosed in the report.

Penn students receive high praise for their online dating prowess outside the Ivy League too. Last year, the school was ranked ninth in the nation for the quality of messages on dating apps.

So step up your game when you are trying to connect with Penn students.