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December 02, 2019

A look at the crowdsourced #TwitterMomentsofTheDecade

The end of the 2010's will mark the completion of the first full decade interval, as we define them culturally, since Twitter launched in 2006.

It was unimaginable back then that the President of the United States would be using Twitter as a primary mode of communication with the public, let alone sharing pictures of himself as fictional musclemen. Count that among the lamentable things β€” and there are too many to count, really β€” that Twitter has brought into the world.

And yet for all the collective self-loathing that surrounds the use and abuse of Twitter, it remains a wonderful place for a good laugh or gasp.

In recent days, Twitter users have begun to compile the platform's top moments of the decade under the straightforward hashtag #TwitterMomentsofTheDecade.

If you're mercifully not much of a Twitter user, or even if you are and simply don't have time to do this yourself, we've collected some of the best Tweets of the decade, according to Twitter users themselves. (Note: Many of these tweets contain explicit language and are NSFW). (Also note: Many of these tweets do not speak well of this decade).Β 

In conclusion, the 2020's has its work cut out.