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August 19, 2017

Social media rips Toomey's tweet on Bannon, Scaramucci firings

U.S. Sen. for Pa. calls the ousters 'great personnel decisions'

Pat Toomey didn't approve of Donald Trump's recently sacked chief strategist, and he apparently didn't think much of The Mooch, either.

But it was clear by Saturday afternoon that dozens of people who responded to Toomey's social media posts on the firings of Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci thought he should've spoken up sooner.

"First Scaramucci, now Bannon," the Republican U.S. senator for Pennsylvania wrote on Twitter and Facebook Friday night. "Two great personnel decisions by John Kelly."

The tweet followed Bannon's removal as President Trump's chief strategist earlier in the day. His ouster comes less than three weeks after Trump fired Anthony Scaramucci, who had been on the job for 11 days.

By Friday night, Bannon had already returned to his role as editor of the far-right news site Breitbart.

Toomey has no say on personnel decisions within Trump's administration. His director of communications, Kasia Mulligan, noted on Saturday that the senator has criticized Trump's White House in public. He told the New York Times in May that "serious changes" were needed within the administration, although he did not mention Bannon or any other individual working under Trump at the time.

But since Toomey's brief statement Friday night, many on social media criticized the senator for not denouncing Bannon's place in the White House over the last nine months.

Here are some examples:

The same message also appeared on Toomey's Facebook page, as did many comments echoing the sentiments of the miffed Twitter users featured here, along with varying opinions on the firings, Trump's administration and, of course, Toomey himself.