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March 08, 2017

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway reluctant to call GOP plan 'TrumpCare'


Kellyanne Conway said that while President Donald Trump is "confident" that the GOP's new health care bill will pass, she wouldn't exactly be the first to call it "TrumpCare."

Conway, who grew up in Atco, Camden County, and is now counselor to the president, made the comment during an interview with Fox News host Bill Hemmer on his show "American Newsroom" Wednesday.

Hemmer asked Conway if Trump felt sure that the legislation would pass, after airing a clip of Paul Ryan, speaker of the House of Representatives, who said that he could "guarantee" that the new piece of legislation meant to repeal the Affordable Care Act will get through the House.

"The president is confident that the American Health Care Act will pass the House and the Senate and become the law, absolutely," she said during the interview.

The new bill, which is being called the American Health Care Act, was introduced by GOP leaders earlier this week. It'll keep some of the same elements that Obamacare currently has, including the ability for young adults under the age of 26 to stay on their parents' plan and Medicaid expansion until 2020, which has caused some Conservatives to challenge the legislation.

If passed, the American Health Care Act will offer refundable tax credits to buy health insurance and defund Planned Parenthood for one year.

And just as the Affordable Care Act was nicknamed Obamacare, some have begun to call the new GOP plan "TrumpCare." When asked about the name, Conway gave pause.

"I'll call it TrumpCare if you want to, but I didn't hear President Trump say to anyone, 'Hey, I want my name on that.' We're happy it's the American Health Care Act; this is serious stuff, this isn't about branding according to someone's name; this is serious business."

Watch the clip below: