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January 02, 2018

WATCH: Mayor Kenney reads mean tweets, dresses like an elf

He shared a few on video, but we found some more

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Kenney Mean Tweets Courtesy/Mayor Kenney's YouTube page

Mayor Jim Kenney again read 'mean tweets,' this time to welcome the New Year in a lighthearted fashion.

People reading "mean tweets" written to, or about, them is now a thing that happens regularly.

Locally, Mayor Jim Kenney did so in August 2016 to commemorate his 58th birthday. He did so again sometime before the holiday weekend since a YouTube video went live on New Year’s Eve.

The one-minute, 35-second clip is described thusly: Kenney “celebrates the end of 2017 by checking out what Philly twitter has to say during this City of Philadelphia version of Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets.’”

Among the insults:

That Kenney is a “dope.”

That he is a “slim ball form” (sic) Philadelphia.

That he looks like he “ate a refugee” because he’s “So fat!!!”

You can watch it below:

That was good, right?

Well, I don't think those 95 seconds give a clear-enough view of the insults spat in Kenney’s direction. So, I went ahead and found five more. God bless!