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July 08, 2017

WATCH: News crew runs into man taking a shower during Taj Mahal liquidation sale

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NJTV NJTV/Screenshot

NJTV caught a man showering in the Taj Mahal while covering its liquidation sale.

One New Jersey man took the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino's liquidation sale to heart, evident by his run-in last week with a local TV news crew, NJTV, who caught him taking a shower in one of its luxury hotel suites.

Michael Aron, NJTV's chief political correspondent, took viewers around the space showing off the irons, TVs, chairs and so much more that needed to go during the sale.

But then, there was Dave Cipollini, 22 of Brigantine and an advertising major at West Virginia University, according to Ocean City Patch

Aron ran into Cipollini showering in just his underwear and asked him what he was doing.

“I’m taking a shower," Cipollini said to the camera. "It’s a liquidation sale, they’re giving us a sample so I wanted to see how the shower was. Maybe I could get a free shower."

Aron later caught up with Cipollini buying a lamp, where he further elaborated and threw in a quick reference to Genesis 1:3.

“After my shower, I got a nice camel lamp," he said. "All in all, a good day. I got clean and I got light, and then the Lord said," prompting Aron to finish the phrase.

"Let there be light,” Aron said.

"True." Cipollini said.

A longer version of the interview, where Cipollini asks the crew for soap or water, was part of a Facebook live video NJTV posted to its page. Cippolini's shining moment begins around the 12:30 mark and can be viewed at the bottom of this story. 

Patch scored an interview with Cipollini, who said the shower was just an act of revenge after he said that he was "banned for life" from the Taj Mahal for jumping on stage during a Blues Traveler concert that also featured Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth on the ticket.

And yeah, Under the Sun with Sugar Ray, Blues Traveler, Smash Mouth and Uncle Kracker really did play at the casino's Mark Etess Arena in 2014, according to Rolling Stone

"I didn't expect any of this," Cipollini told Patch. "I just wanted to get clean."

Cipollini is getting a lot of attention, and documenting all the excitement on his personal Twitter account.

The 60-day liquidation sale, hosted by National Content Liquidators, began Thursday and will continue until everything is closed, the Atlantic City Press reported

The casino closed its doors in October.