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November 10, 2017

WATCH: Puppet Kellyanne Conway joins Jimmy Kimmel to talk Trump in Vietnam

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111017_Conwaypuppet Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel interviews puppet Kellyanne Conway on Nov. 9, 2017.

President Donald Trump is wrapping up a tour of Asia whose underlying goal seems to be lining up allegiances as a bulwark against China's ever-expanding regional influence. 

A generation ago, it may have been inconceivable that the United States and Vietnam, still a Communist state, would find common ground over the threat of China's economic and military power. Today, a warming relationship between the two countries stands among Trump's greatest assets during the current visit.

After a grueling 2016 presidential campaign, it's hardly been lost on anyone that Trump's escape from the draft during the Vietnam War remains a bit dubious. The president was eligible to be drafted upon graduating college in 1968, but a diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels spared him from war.

Critics might have left the issue alone — plenty of people evaded or dodged the draft — had Trump not disparaged Sen. John McCain for getting captured and held as a prisoner in Vietnam. In other words, at least McCain went and fought for his country, merits of the war aside.

On last night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," a special guest returned to the show to weigh in on the president's tour of Asia. South Jersey native Kellyanne Conway was back in puppet form to back up her boss. Check out the segment below.