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April 17, 2015

Weekend Recipe: Oodles of (veggie) noodles

Philly food blogger Lizzie McManus shares her recipe for raw beet noodles with whiskey maple BBQ sauce

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Spiralizer Lizzie McManus/ It’s A Veg World After All

Recipe for raw beet noodles with whiskey maple BBQ sauce

Here’s a common conundrum: You’re belly is pleading for a big bowl of pasta and Parmesan cheese, but your brain is screaming bathing suit season.

The food gods have heard our pitiful cries. 

Meet the spiralizer, an inexpensive kitchen tool that’s taking the food-lovin’ world by storm by turning ordinary veggies, like zucchini, cabbage and carrots, into faux-noodles.

Produce pasta is gluten- and grain-free, and as any 'inspiralized' cook will tell you, the dish is all in the toppings, be it tomato sauce or salad dressing.

Philadelphia food blogger and Drexel University nutrition student Lizzie McManus, who is admittedly obsessed with her spiralizer, created this vegan and gluten-free recipe for raw beet noodles in a whiskey maple sauce, which she recently shared on her blog,  It's a Veg World After All.


"The subtle sweetness of maple syrup and ketchup, paired with savory hints of onion and garlic make for the perfect sauce to pour over earthy beet noodles," she swoons.

But if beets aren't your thing, McManus also posted a recipe for carrot noodle salad with zesty sunflower seed dressing.